Astrid Nordness
ceramics collage

Work With Me

Hi! My name is Astrid Nordness.

I am an artist that creates ceramics and mixed-media art full of texture and aliveness. I work with an outrageously large pallet of colors—loud colors. No matter how vibrant, I find the texture and natural colors of clay stand up to the noise of bright glazes. I became obsessed with clay, in part, because it’s a slow, multi-stepped process.

I like breaking rules within strict confines. I create stamps, often with strong images within frames. Then I extend echoes of that image – and new designs – beyond the frame to make what’s going on outside the confined area just as engaging. 

I began life as an artist by doing pet portraits, which I have recently incorporated back into my offerings. I love animals and found the hands on method of creating art with them so fulfilling that I became a professional dog groomer, where I could involve the animals themselves in the art. Now, I feel even more in tune with them. 

I incorporate critters: bugs, lizards, birds, or whatever catches my attention in nature into ceramic work. Each layer, from building, to my stamp process, to glazing feels like more interaction with these fascinating creatures, more love.

My Skillset and Services

Commissions are Welcome and my Specialty!

Custom Ceramics

Specialties include ceramic accent tiles for backsplash and floors.


Painting / Mixed-Media

Using a variety of techniques, and assorted mediums, my creations feature a decorative and modern style.


Custom Ceramic Pet Portraits

Creating treasured keepsakes on mugs, tiles and urns.



I love helping fellow artists. Check out my “Open Studio” hours for knowledge sharing, mentoring and teaching.

Ceramic Plates
Mixed media wall art.
Ceramic Mugs with butterflies.


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Astrid’s father, Oscar ‘Orrie’ Nordness studied art in Chicago and spent many years as a commerical artist in NY, while enjoying painting on the side.  He was highly encouraging of her talents, and taught her “how to see things, how to be clear about the big picture before the details.”  With Astrid in tow, her father frequented museums and browsed art books, which contributed to her high esteem of teaching as a profession. She planned on teaching high school students and graduated from the College of Staten Island City University of New York with BA degrees in Fine Arts, English Literature and a minor in Secondary Education. After student teaching, however, she opted for mentoring young artists—an instruction path she continues to devote time to.
Astrid’s love for animals has always been intertwined with her art. Seemingly a natural extension of this fondness, she did pet portraiture for years. “It took a while to realize how much pursuing art for money was killing my creativity. Ironically, I’ve consistently made more income from doing what I love, and not thinking about the money.” She painted with acrylics and did work in digital photography up until 2004, when Astrid discovered ceramics.  Presently, her highly colorful works are studded by images from rubber stamps she constructs to imprint clay. She still paints and uses her stamps and designs not only on canvas, but also on furniture.
Astrid’s work has been shown at Woodstock Artists Association and Museum Woodstock, NY; The Art Society of Kingston (ASK), Kingston, NY; The Arts Upstairs, Phoenicia NY; and Tivoli Artist Coop; Tivoli, NY. Astrid contributed to Trout Unlimited’s Leaping Trout Art Trail project, and on the Leaping Trout Art Trail brochure, where her trout was chosen to grace the cover. Winner of Coyote Glaze Competition – 2013, her work was also purchased by Coyote Clay and Color Company for their brochure.


I would love to answer any questions you may have or to discuss custom artwork.